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See the Full iPhone’s Camera journey from 2MP to 13MP

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Today iPhone cameras are recognized as the most popular cameras due to their high camera quality, sensors and features. But you may not know that initial iPhone’s does not have such advance cameras and Apple original iPhone 3G was just released with a 2MP camera with no flashlight.

Apple iPhone cameras start their improvement journey from 2 MP to 3.2 then 5 then 8 and currently 13 MP is under developing phase. An image displayed below will give you a complete idea how this camera’s ability improved with every release. Below given Pictures are taken by Lisa Bettany and combined by Reddit user camerack.

See the Full iPhone’s Camera journey from 2MP to 13MP


After looking the above picture, a complete history created in mind that how Apple started Camera devices and where Apple iPhone cameras devices are now. Camera quality is improving with every new model, every new camera quality looks better than previous one. Sharpness, light, contrast, brightness, and colors are enhanced in every next model as you can see in the details section. Right side picture is showing the picture details which are accessible by zoom- in.

See the Full iPhone’s Camera journey from 2MP to 13MP

When Apple releases the second last iPhone 4S then Apple promotes this Phone on two basic features i.e. Camera and Siri.  Apple increases 60 % megapixels in this model with sharp and faster lenses . iPhone 4S was also equipped with the illumination sensor so that it can fulfill the requirements of photography and video recording of the users.
There are many rumors that the next iPhone model 5S which will be released soon have 13 MP camera.  iPhone 5S is the successor of iPhone 5 with little improvements and new feature of fingerprint scanning. So iPhone 5S will be released with a much improved camera. Currently available iPhone travel whole journey by encountering ups and down through out the way.

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