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May 28, 2012 | Leave a comment(2) Go to comments Siri Certificate

Siriport certificate from  was installed using the, all you need is to type the address on Safari browser on your iPhone4 or iPod touch 4G. If you want to activate Siri on your iphone or ipod first you have to install the Siriport source  repo using (click here for step-weise guide) and once the source is added you need to install Siriport visiting that source and then you have to apply the certificate. If it is not working you can reinstall Siriport Source after certificate is applied.

Update: If not working visit this official site of and (open in Chrome or use Google translate to translate site in your language)

Warning: If you apply certificate on your iphone, ipod or ipad it may become unresponsive and you may need to restore your device. I am not responsible if you lose any data after Siri Certificate is installed. Therefore it is recommended to backup your idevice before applying siri certificate.

Steps to apply Siriport certificate using

If site is not accessible you can Click Here to download 1.crt file.

1. Open Safari and type as under

2. A new window will open as below tap Install

3. A security message will come as shown below tap the Install

4. Yo will see the below screen it means the siriport certificate is applied

5. You can check the same in Settings > General > Profile

6. Tap Profile , you will see below screen where you can remove the certificate if you want. Siri Certificate is installed see our complete post on installation of Siriport on iPhone4 and ipod touch. Siri Certificate


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It is not working. when it reboots it gets stuck on the apple logo. What should i do? Is it supposed to do that? Should i wait? Please answer! Thanks.

Muz Sha
Muz Sha

better to reinstall or restore your device... there are errors also in this installation