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Activate Siri in iPhone 4

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Get Siri Free on iPhone 4/3gs iPod Touch 4g, iPad 1/2

Hi visitors, many of you are trying to install Siri on their non Siri supporting devices i.e. iPhone 4, iphone 3gs, iPod Touch 4g, iPad 1 and iPad 2. You can follow below steps to install the Siri on your devices that are not supporting the Siri. Warning : Although this procedure is perfect but may have some effect on your device therefore it is suggested that you backup your device before implementing the below steps. Steps on How to Install Siri Free Your iphone or ipad or ipod must be jailbroken to install Siri, if it is not jailbroken follow this tutorial on How to jailbreak iPhone, iPod or iPad Once the device is jailbroken Cydia will be available on Springboard Step 1: Now open Cydia and add one of the source from two mentioned below: To learn how to add sources Click Here. or Step 2: Now install Ac!d Siri Step 3: Add the proxy Step 4: Open Safari …

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Activate Siri on iPhone 4S

You can activate Siri on iPhone 4S by applying one of four options mentioned below. “I have 4S and while holding the home key it opens the voice control not Siri” this is the question I have seen on many blogs and forums which new iphon 4s users are facing after they purchase new iphone4s. You may need to activate Siri on iPhone 4S if you have purchased a new one or you have restored your files, emails,  contacts and media etc. from a previous back up from iPhone 4. Option 1: You can activate siri by going to Settings —-> General —-> Siri —> On.  After this you also need to activate the location service by going to Settings —-> Location Services —> Siri —-> On. This will work well if you have purchased new iphone 4s and you can activate Siri on iPhone 4s. Option 2: This is the case when you have restored your  iPhone4S using an old backup of …

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