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How To Fix iTunes Restore Error (3194)

Many of us at least once receive this 3194 error message when we are trying to restore our iPhone in the iTunes during restoring process. It is also obvious that mostly jailbreakers and unlockers are the victims of this error since they might be restoring iPhone for unlock, jailbreak, downgrade or update firmware. At this stage once you receive error 3194 it makes you crazy and troublesome. Message says ” The iPhone “iPhone” could not be restored. An unknown error occured (3194). Main reason for this iTunes error 3194 is during the firmware restore verification not authorized by Apple or you don’t have the SHSH blobs stored in Cydia. Common causes of iTunes Restore error include: Firewall (it is better to disable it and attempt iphone or ipad restoring again) Antivirus (as one option disable it and attempt restoring again) Hosts file blocking access to the validation server, below is detailed procedure for updating host file Stubborn computer – try a different machine if possible. Try this on …

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