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Jailbreak Samsung Galaxy Tab Using z4root

Jailbreak Samsung Galaxy Tab The below jailbreak procedure has been tested for Jailbreak Samsung Galaxy Tab and jailbreak samsung galaxy S. Jailbreaking a Samsung Android device means rooting it and these two terms rooting and jailbreak are almost same i.e. getting access to the root of the device to perform many file operations not allowed in normal circumstances. Jailbreak Samsung Galaxy Tab worked without any errors. Galaxy tab and galaxy S have the stock 2.2 Froyo ROM. I downloaded the apk, transferred it on to a SD card and than copied it to my phone and ran it. I first tested it with the temporary root option. I have heard that the permanent root option does not work on some devices. Jailbreak Samsung Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S Here are the devices that are compatible with the permanent root option in z4root. Samsung Galaxy S (All variants) Backflip jailbreak Sony X10 jailbreak Xperia Mini jailbreak Droid 2 jailbreak Galaxy Tab jailbreak Galaxy I5700 jailbreak Galaxy …

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