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New Progress in iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak

Hours ago planetbeing has tweeted that he with pod2g has made some good progress, although it is not mentioned but we can understand what progress it can be. Of course it is nice progress for achieving the untethered iOS 6.0 or iPhone 5 jailbreak which everybody is now looking for and waiting for its release. As you are aware pod2g has already released one of his app podDJ and as he mentioned previously he told that he is focusing on app development and iOS 6.1 jailbreak. This new tweet is a new hope for people who have already updated their devices to ios 6 or they got ios 6 out of the box i.e. for iphone 5, iPad Mini and iPad 4. Hope we will soon updating you about the release of jailbreaking iOS 6.0 or 6.1. Follow @Evasi0n iOS 7 Jailbreak If you want to be updated follow us onTwitter, add us to your circle onGoogle+or like our Facebook …

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iOS 6 Download Links Leaked But Not Working

As you are aware that Apple has announced the next generation iphone operating system i.e. iOS 6 with tons of new features i.e. Revamped Siri Tweet just by talking to your phone with Siri Facetime over cellular as before it only works over Wi-Fi Photo Stream to share photos with friends Enhancements to mail New App Passbook New iOS 6 Maps Improved privacy controls Facebook integration As usual the iOS 6 beta version has been provided for developers only at the moment which can be accessed through Apple’s Dev Center if you are a developer. Meanwhile we heard from some tech blogs that iOS 6 download links has been revealed but what I understood these may be the links for developers or for some special users. I am giving below the links which you can check yourself. iOS 6 Beta, Safari 6 Download Links Third-generation iPad Consumer: Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi + Cellular (GSM), WiFi + Cellular (CDMA) Enterprise: Wi-Fi, WiFi + Cellular (GSM), WiFi + Cellular (CDMA) iPad 2 Consumer: Wi-Fi, WiFi + 3G (GSM), WiFi + …

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iOS 5.1 Untethered Jailbreak Or iOS 6 Jailbreak – Vote Now

As you are aware that Pod2g has tweeted recently that it may take more than one month or even two, to release the iOS 5.1 untethered jailbreak. In his tweet he told that he and others are working on 5.1 untethered Jailbreak, he mentioned in his tweet on 24-April-2012 “ETA for 5.1 JB: No Clue. We’r going to set pieces of the puzzle together this week. We could have issues… could be 1 month may be 2. It seems that it is becoming difficult for them to dedicate all their time for jailbreaking ios 5.1. Pod2g has launched a poll to ask jailbreak community whether they should work on iOS 5.1 jailbreak, because it is believed that Apple will  announce iOS 6 at WWDC 2012 in June 2012. So Pod2g may be thinking that instead of giving more time on iOS 5.1 jailbreak and getting it in next month it is better to wait till June 11-15 and if iOS …

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