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Riven has Released for the iPad

If you are a game lover and have an iPad then you can enjoy the most amazing games that are built for iPad. In iPad you can play games with the real graphics and you don’t need to play in other gaming console because iPad gives you a retina display with high resolutions and graphics. iPad is compatible for all types of games and apps that are available in App Store. iPad users forget all the gaming console like Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Xbox and PC, because iPad gives you same graphics and fun like those console. If we are talking about great games with high resolutions and graphics then Riven, the sequel to Myst is one of them. Riven, the sequel to Myst is a puzzle adventure game developed by Cyan Worlds. Riven game is developed for PlayStation, Sega Saturn. Now Riven, the sequel to Myst is developed for iPad devices it is great news for iPad users. Taking up where Myst …

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Santa for Night Return Game for iOS – A Christmas gift for Game lover

Christmas is coming soon, it is only five more days until the jolly old guy dressed in red and white squeezes down everyone’s chimney,  and you want to enjoy your Christmas with your smartphone and if you have own an iOS device, you can download and play a new Christmas arcade game based on Santa Claus magic, called Santa for Night Return. In this Game there are two versions of Santa for Night Return game, one for the iPhone 5 and another is Santa for Night Return HD which is for the iPad. Santa for Night Return game for iOS has a good sound, and interesting graphics, and in the game a guy called Arthur want to know just how Santa delivers all the gifts in a single night and here is the begining of adventure. Santa for Night Return have five mission and have thirteen major cities from across the Globe and it has also 336 levels to play …

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Download Formula 1 Game For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Updated on 23 March 2012 by Jump Games Pvt. Ltd the new F1 2011 game is available for download and you can race against the world’s best drivers in all-new Grand Prix mode packed with all of the events, including Practice, Qualifying and Racing. You can race on the actual circuits, recreated accurately down to the finest detail, making use of the Retina Display for stunning visual quality, or choose to compete against yourself in Time Trial mode. F1 2011 features the premier Buddh International Circuit, which played host to the first ever FORMULA ONE GRAND PRIX OF INDIA, along with the legendary Nürburging, reintroduced in the 2011 season. Along with KERS functionality, also included are all 19 tracks and 24 cars for the 2011 FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON. Featuring skilled AI opponents, Driving Aids, Pit Radios and various control mechanisms, F1 2011 delivers a realistic and enjoyable F1 experience. Compete with your friends with full Game Centre and …

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