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Apple’s iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S Won the Race Against Samsung’s Galaxy S III

For a while, Apple-investor bond is not actually going well and that we can judge by the Foxconn planning of freezing recruitment in China, affecting the demand for iPhone 5. Investors have been onto torturing Apple again by punishing its stocks again. But still lucky for Apple, because according to a latest survey of the smartphone, both iPhone 5 along with iPhone 4S have outsold Samsung’s Galaxy release, S III, in the holiday quarter of 2012. In plain and simple words, iPhone 5 has been the world’s bestselling smartphone. This survey was conducted by Strategy Analytics. On top of all, the thing that shocked everyone was the success of the 16 month old phone of Apple that is called iPhone 4S. The success story behind this one is similar to iPhone 5. This smartphone overtook the flagship device of Samsung too. If we put this story in numbers then we can say that the number of Apple’s iPhone 5 sold …

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Snapdragon BatteryGuru App For Android Phone – Boost Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

In the world of smartphones there are various smartphones manufacturing with great features running on stunning displays, this can sometimes come at the expense of the handsets battery life. Smartphones technology is improving day by day, but there is no any big change in battery life of the smartphones. In every smartphones there are much more features with heavy hardware and large display but in those devices there is common battery used, due to this the smartphones battery drains very early. But now Qualcomm which develops processors for Android and Windows Phone devices, has developed an app by the name of BatteryGuru app which it claims will boost battery performance of Android phones. Snapdragon BatteryGuru App For Android Phone This application is released in beta form onto Google Play, and this app works by looking at things you do on your hardware learning how a user operates the device and other features used on the handset. Once this app has finished its …

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Kill All Background Running Apps By One Tap – Cydia Tweak [Video]

Kill background is a very useful Cydia tweak which can make your life easier by providing you the option of closing all running apps by just one click.

Google Glass Video Released – WoW

Google has released a brand new video showing what Google Glass can do for you. Want to see how Glass actually feels? It’s surprisingly simple. Say “take a picture” to take a picture. Record what you see, hands free. Even share what you see, live. Directions are right in front of you. Speak to send a message, or translate your voice. Get the notifications that matter most. Ask whatever’s on your mind and get answers without having to ask. All video footage captured through Glass. Welcome to a world through Glass. See more at

Apple Goes To India With Apple TV Release

It would not be a surprise if I say that Apple’s sale in India has multiplied over time. The company had acted accordingly and has made its appearance stronger in the market with 1.25 billion people by releasing its Apple TV, a third generation product of Apple. This device costs Rs. 7,900, which get around $150. Typically a set-top box costs $99 in US, but in the BRIC countries, due to their increased VAT and import taxes, it demands high premium. Apple’s growing terms with does not end only with iPhone 5, last year, and Apple TV. In fact, the 56 countries, where Apple officially launched the iTune Stores, includes India too.  However, there is one thing that shocked me and that is the no coverage of Apple releasing BGR in India. In the processing of knowing more about this news, I did not come across any Apple’s India web page that also shows the ads of Bollywood movies on …

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Jailbroken Toy iPhone – Legal or illegal?

The news that I have today is not related to any handset’s update or new release. I do not know if this is some of a joke or a copyright issue, but I found something and I felt like sharing it with everyone one of you. I happened to come across a toy cell phone that is actually the copy of Apple’s iPhone and the funny part is even the toy iPhone is jailbroken. One can tell that easily by looking at the Cydia icon in the bottom row of icon on the main screen. To tell you more about this toy iPhone, its name is Telephone Intelligent and the Cydia icon is called Gift. But what so ever is this, it definitely looks jailbroken. Now we do not know that which iOS it runs and which processor it has. But it certainly looks cool. Gizmodo did not inform us with a lot of information. However, one thing is for …

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Fix App Crashes On iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch – Nifty Tutorial

Apple’s iOS, the most famous and expensive operating system of time, is not as perfect as we think it is. Anyone who has tried to organize contacts into groups or tried knowing Notification Centre can agree on this opinion easily.

Bring Microsoft Office to iPhone, iPod & iPad – CloudOn

If you are not comfortable with the use of Microsoft Office files on idevices and want to update and edit the .doc .xls and .ppt files on your iPad or iPhone etc, then there is a very good app that has been updated to support the feature you might be looking for, I have just installed it and below I have given a screen shot (at the end) of an Excel file which I put in my Dropbox folder on my computer and immediately I was able to open it on my iPhone and also I was able to edit it as you can see the keyboard input is there. The latest available version of CloudOn brings Microsoft Office to idevices and files can be accessed using the any account from Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive. In addition to office support  there are built-in supports for Adobe Reader and File Viewers  that allows you to open and view any file …

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Drive app for iPhone – A dashboard app for your Car

If you are driving a car and you want to use your iPhone to make some urgent call or find the location of your destination, you will face a problem to use your iPhone while driving a car. For this purpose you need some dashboard application to make easy your driving. Drive is such a great dashboard application for iOS. In Drive app you will be able to do four function in a large display. You can listen music from iPod app. If you want to find your location you can access map app easily. Quick text function will give you predefined text message for your predefined contacts. And quick call puts your favorite contacts at your fingertips for quick hands-free calling. So in Drive app there are four useful functions. Music function give you quick access from iPod app. Map function navigate your location. Quick text function make you easy to send predefined sms. Quick call function make you easy to …

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Apple has updated iPod Nano 7G software

Apple has updated the software of iPod Nano 7G to 1.0.2.The updated software make improvement in Bluetooth and enhance sound quality through equalizer. If you want to update your software of iPod Nano 7G, connect your iPod to iTunes and get the updated software.