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Nokia Lumia Secret Code

There is a secret code in Nokia Lumia 800 and all other Windows phones that enable you through a diagnostic tools to check the functionality of your mobile components. These diagnostic tools provide you the access to test all the hardware of the phone whether it is working correctly or not. You can utilize this feature to check your phone to make sure that all of the hardware are working correctly, like Camera and died pixel on your LCD screen and many more. To access the diagnostic tools on Nokia Lumia 800 open Phone Dialer and enter the code ##634# this will trigger the tools menu and you will see the list of below tools. Accelerometer ALS Audio Loopback DTMF Hardware Buttons Bluetooth Camera Battery Status Headset Detection LCD White Lights Magnetometer Power Source Proximity Speaker Touch Vibra This post can be accessed using below keywords: nokia lumia 800 lumia 800 nokia lumia nokia lumia 800 black nokia numia 800 jailbreak nokia lumia 800 …

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