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How To Install Android Market On BlackBerry PlayBook [Complete Guide]

The tutorial below will help you on how to run Android applications on PlayBook just like regular PlayBook applications. Although many of the apps are already available on BlackBerry App World, but the can be some which you are looking for and are still not available on App World, so you can chose to go through below process to getting the Android Market and other Android apps running on your BlackBerry PlayBook. Note: To get Android Market on BlackBerry Playbook, your PlayBook should be rooted. Check this tutorial to root / jailbreak BlackBerry PlayBook. Without root access you won’t be able to install the necessary files using a free tool called WinSCP. Once the PlayBook is rooted then you can use an application called DDPB to sideload a single Android app to your PlayBook. You will use Honeycomb Launcher to initialize the Android system on the PlayBook. After that you will use WinSCP application along with a bundled app called PuTTYgen to gain access to the root directories on the BlackBerry tablet. Then you will download …

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Root / Jailbreak BlackBerry Playbook Using Dingleberry 3.3.3

Dingleberry is the tool you can use to root or jailbreak Blackberry Playbook, you may be aware that when Dingleberry 3.0 was first released for Mac it required libraries (Qt and OpenSSL) to be installed in order to run properly. Later on a new bundled version of Dingleberry 3.3.3was released, which came with all the required libraries. I have given below the Dingleberry download links for Windows, Mac and Linux versions from the Here are the steps on How to Root / jailbreak Blackberry Playbook Download Dingleberry 3.3.3 For Windows Download Dingleberry 3.3.3 For Mac Download Dingleberry 3.3.3 For Linux After downloading and opening Dingleberry.exe, you will see the below window   Note: If you are on or the 2.0.6x beta or higher, you will have to use the Downgrade function before you root, as those versions are not rootable at he moment. Step 1: Once the window opens, select Continue.Step 2: Connect your PlayBook to your Windows computer using the …

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