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How to Improve Speed and Make Smoother Samsung Galaxy S3

This article will guide the readers to speed up Samsung Galaxy S3 by adjusting few settings. If you are Samsung Galaxy s3 user then hopefully you have bought it a few months ago. S3 is one of the best Android Smartphone that was released after the success and popularity of Samsung Galaxy S2.  In Samsung galaxy S3 many new features are added and previous were improved i.e. better camera, fast processor, RAM, large display screen, better resolution and few more. But if you still does not satisfy with the Samsung Galaxy performance and you expect little more improvement then we have a very simple and effective tip to increase the speed of Samsung Galaxy S3. Samsung Galaxy S3 was released with Android Jelly Bean which made it really fast and high performance device, but sometimes Galaxy S3 hang for a while when doing some tasks such as switching between text messages in the Stock Messaging app and few similar tasks. …

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Galaxy S3 which is Better to Buy

After the success of Samsung galaxy series smartphones, world has now strong trust on the Samsung devices and ready to accept the new devices with confidence. Millions of people buy the last product of Samsung galaxy S3 and found it very good and that’s why consumers have strong belief on Samsung and android combination. Samsung galaxy s3 is a standard or benchmark in the community of smartphone because of its excellent features and design. Just after the release of Samsung galaxy S3 and announcement of iphone 5, rumors related to Samsung galaxy s4 (features, designs, size and etc) were started on every technology or IT blogs. Finally all rumors have ended now and Samsung Galaxy S4 is released and it is time to compare Samsung Galaxy S3 with Samsung Galaxy S4. Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Galaxy S3 which is Better to Buy Galaxy S4 VS Galaxy S3 (SIZE) Size of Samsung galaxy S3 was well appreciated by consumers and this …

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S Voice By Samsung A Competitor To Siri [Video]

S Voice is the new feature provided in the latest Samsung Galaxy SIII, You can say that S Voice is a clone to the Siri a feature in iPhone 4S.  S Voice works in the same way the Siri works like searching a term on internet, providing weather information, dialing a number etc. There are some additional features in S Voice which I believe Apple will counter in next generation iPhone 6 and new iOS 6. Few features of S Voice include: Play a Song and change tracks Search Volume Control Open apps Snooze An Alarm SMS and Email Launch Camera Take Photo Watch Below Video For S Voice in Action.