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Important Android Apps For Rooted Android Phones

If you are new to Android phones you may not know much about rooting, if you know about the jailbreak then it is easy for you to understand rooting. Rooting an android device is process of getting access to the root of the device similar to jailbreaking an iPhone, iPod or iPad. After rooting an Android phone you can get access to the root drive and you can install most useful Android apps which you are unable to access without jailbreak or root and also you can install custom versions of the Android operating system. Also this has to be noted that rooting an Android phone and installing a custom ROM are two different processes i.e custom ROMs offer lot of features not available direct from the manufacturer. I am mentioning below some of the important apps you must install after rooting your Android phone. SuperUser is first mandatory app that must be installed immediately after you root your phone. …

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