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7 Apps Free For Limited Time [1st May 2013]

Below are the free apps of the day that are available free for a limited time which you can download now. There is possibility that any time these apps will become paid apps again and you will be needed to pay for them therefore if you find any one interesting it is recommended to start download free apps now, if you start now and pause it still you can download it in future without paying for them, just restore the free app download and it will be completed and you will get the apps free. Have a look on below links to download free apps and enjoy. As usual we recommend to download the games immediately even if you don’t have WiFi because any game may become payable but once you clicked download you can download free app later on. Mencal iKungFu Master Grabby Crabby Runtastic Push-Ups PRO – runtastic Clear Vision 2 HD – DPFLASHES STUDIOS Smart Photo Organizer – Backpackr Inc. SimplyRain – Reactor LLC Follow @Evasi0n iOS 7 Jailbreak If …

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Download WhatsApp Version For Windows Phone 8

Almost a decade back, e-mails were the new means of communication. Throughout these years, the importance of even e-mails has decreased and instant messaging has taken its place. The latest IM app today is WhatsApp, version 2.8.10. This app is eligible for use in any phone device be it Nokia, Samsung, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. This app connects people through a Wi-Fi connection or 3G or 4G. All you have to make sure in order to use this app is that you are connected to the Wi-Fi or through the networks. Afterwards, you can log in and share your day’s happenings with your friends and family for absolutely free.