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Download Twitter Updated Version 5.4 for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Twitter has recently updated Twitter to version 5.4 for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, the new version includes enhancements to search, other improvements to features of the application and some bug fixes. Twitter New Features As you search you’ll see more topic and user suggestions for your query, based on what’s happening in real time. You’ll also see these suggestions when adding a hashtag or username as you compose a new Tweet. Top Tweets from big moments in the past pop out when you search for a given term. For example, searching for “election” might highlight Tweets from several months ago. When you open a web page you can now see the related Tweet for more context. Just pull the tray icon up or down to see or hide the Tweet. It’s easier to see long conversations in the Tweet details view, which now shows all of the replies to any Tweet When you block a user in the app, their Tweets will instantly disappearfrom …

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