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iOS & Android Users Spending and Earning Chart

In this article we show you a chart of iOS And Android users earning and spending chart. This chart comes from Business Insider Intelligence, a new research and and analysis service focused on the mobile and Internet industries. In this chart Toshl Finance, a budgeting and expense tacking app, mention that iOS users spend more and earn more than Android users. iOS users earns $2,751 per month and spend $3,297 every month, while Android users earns $2,250 and spends $2,761 every month. There is $500 difference between iOS users and Android users. The main reason of less earning and spending of Android users is that most of the Android users is using old Android version and in that version users credit cards are not accepted in Android apps. After the iOS and Android, the Windows and Symbian users earning and spending is less. Check out the chart below by Business Insider and see the information of biggest earners and spenders in 2012. …

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Windows Phone 8 Unannounced Features [Video]

The verge has posted on their site a video of Windows Phone 8 Software Development Kit (SDK) leak and has discovered many of the unannounced features that will be available in the Windows phone 8 the Microsoft’s next mobile operating system. As per the blog post: We got an early look at Windows Phone 8 back in June, but thanks to a Software Development Kit (SDK) leak this week we’ve been able to uncover even more features destined for Microsoft’s next mobile operating system. The SDK contains an emulator that provides basic access to some of the new functionality in Windows Phone 8. Watch below video on Windows Phone 8 Features and visit the verge site for more details and their findings in the video: Windows Phone 8 Unannounced Features [Video] What do you think about the next Windows Phone 8 give your comments below.

How to save SHSH Blobs on Cydia

Below are the direct download links and steps how to save SHSH blobs on Cydia. Some times due to an unexpected error in jailbreaking or unlocking you may need to downgrade your firmware to previous versions. Therefore you need to save SHSH blobs on Cydia for future downgrading. There are two tools which are normally used for saving the SHSH blobs i.e. TinyUmbrella and iFaith. Here I am giving you the download link for iFaith v1.4 which can work for iOS 3.x.x to 5.0.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. IFaith is a good tool because iFaith can dump SHSH blobs for currently installed version of iOS over your iDevice while the second tool i.e. Tinyumbrella can only save SHSH blobs for latest iOS version i.e. 5.0.1 now. Update: TinyUmbrella was updated to support 6.0.2 and 6.1 click here for details. The latest version of iFaith 1.4 have below updates: Bug fixes Dumps iOS 4.4.x (Apple TV 2)/5.0.x apticket + SHSH blobs Faster Dumping Additional support for Windows XP Improvement in major codes iFaith 1.4 Supports the below idevices: …

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