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Unlock Doors with CalypsoCase for iPhone

February 2, 2013 | Leave a comment(0) Go to comments

There are million of users that are using iPhone and with the help of iPhone you can perform different tasks. There are many accessories introduced for iPhone which make your life easy and comfortable. We discus various types of accessories for iPhone. Today we tell you another great accessory which support iPhone. If you are living in your home separately and you need to lock your doors when you go outside then you must lock your doors and put a bundle of keys in your pockets, in this case if you lose your keys then you will face a big problem and can’t unlock your home’s doors without keys. But imagine that if you lock your doors and then after come back to your home then you unlock your doors with just a simple tap with your iPhone, you will probably say that it s not possible but it is now possible. With growing technology you can unlock your doors with the help of your iPhone. There is a case for iPhone that hides your door keys and you can unlock your doors with the help of that amazing case through your iPhone with a simple tap. The NFC CalypsoCase for iPhone hides a CalypsoKey and allow you unlock your doors.

Featuring the missing identification potentials of your iPhone. We are introducing sensational new near field communication (NFC) possibilities for your iPhone with the CalypsoKey. Replace your keys. Open doors. Access your apartment. Check in at your office building. Open the garage. All with just a short wireless tap of your CalypsoCase. No apps and no charging are needed.

We will tell you how it works. The CalypsoKey has two antennas, covering two spectrum’s at the same time, in this way most of worldwide RFID access point are covered and you can use CalypsoKey for unlocking your door of your home, office etc.  One thing is important for you that you need to pair your locking system with your CalypsoKey and then you are ready to enter only by tapping your CalypsoCase with CalypsoKey to the access point. The CalypsoKey is also available for CalypsoRing, CalypsoLoop and CalypsoCabrio case designs. Below is the video in which we will tell you that how this system works.

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