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Unlock Your Mac with Your iPhone 5s Touch ID Sensor

January 17, 2014 | Leave a comment(0) Go to comments

Here comes a new tweak tease from developer Eric Castor, who is knows for his Cydia tweaks like Lyric Flow and Mewseek. The new tweak shall provide the ability to unlock you Mac using iPhone 5S Touch ID Sensor and it is called BioUnlock.

BioUnlock app allows unlocking Mac computers using iPhone 5s Touch ID Sensor. The one can think how it works the BioUnlock tweak uses WiFi to communicate with Mac from iPhone. Bluetooth support is on the list of things to do, as well as Windows support.

Demo of my upcoming Cydia tweak, BioUnlock, which will allow you to unlock your Mac using the iPhone 5S TouchID sensor.

Support for Windows users is planned, but not for the first release.

The developer plans to ‘charge a dollar or two’ for the tweak, and you can expect it to be ready for purchase by the end of January 2014.

Below is a video teaser for BioUnlock.

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