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WiMe NanoWatch: An Amazing small mobile phone

January 31, 2013 | Leave a comment(0) Go to comments

There are million of smartphones growing in the world with the new technology and different specs. Smartphone technology is growing very fastly and changing the world. The smartphones have a different specs as well as different size and shapes. We always discuss about the different specs and OS of smartphones but today we will discuss the size of smartphones. Many companies introduce large type of mobile devices and similarly many companies manufacture small type of mobile devices. You have also seen different type of smartphones in your life but you will not see the wrist watch which is also a small mobile phone. WiMe NanoWatch is that watch which is a small GSM mobile phone. Now you don’t need to take your smartphone in your pocket, you can make a call through this wrist watch and also use it like a watch.

WiMe-NanoWatch-small-GSM-mobile phone

WiMe NanoWatch comes with a resistive touchscreen display with 2GB of storage supported by 256MB of RAM. FM radio, microUSB port, voice recorder, SIM card slot with the support of GSM and GPRS and bluetooth has also been included in this small watch. It means you can do all the tasks of smartphone in this small mobile phone watch.  This smart device is available for purchase now priced at $99.

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