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Zapya – Share Files Over Wi-Fi Through Gestures (Download)

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Zapya is the new app in town and has made sharing files a fun filled experience for iOS and Android users. Zapya allows file sharing across different platforms with ease and speed. Using this app, you can share data with devices connected through a Wi-Fi connection or a WiFi Hotspot connection. The already present media, app and file browser within this app helps in data sharing with a single person various files or with many people the same file.

With this app, you do not need to make a connection with another device every time you want to share some data, but just have to make it once and then you can send and receive as much data as you want from the other device.

Each and every detail regarding the file being sent or received is saved in the database. You can view the data type, sharing time, sharing done with and the complete detail of all the data shared on Wi-Fi any time you want. You can also launch, delete, uninstall, rename, backup or check the properties of the data when you desire.

When using Zapya, you can secure your data transfer with a password and can make a list of all the trusted users with which, you are likely to transfer the data with. This eliminates any kind of risk regarding to data sharing.

If the Wi-Fi connection is not available, the option of Wi-Fi hotspot is always there. To establish this connection, an active data connection is required and eliminates the fear regarding the cellular data consumption as the Wi-Fi hotspot is a private wireless connection. When you launch the app, the first step is to set an avatar so that you are easily identified by your friends and then you receive a list of all the users connected by the Wi-Fi connection type in use. Then you can pair and start the data sharing.

Zapya has three styles, Gesture Secret, Kungfu Secret and Devil Possession, which can be adopted when sharing the data. Data can be transferred without any limitation of the file type and the file size. The pairing can be cancelled at any moment by the sender or the receiver. Another point worth noting is that when sharing an app only the APK is shared and the rest has to be flashed later from the recipient’s side. You can download the app from the App Store. Feel free to leave comments.

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